International Cheating Spouse

International Cheating Spouse

There are a lot of reasons why people cheat in a marriage or a relationship. From losing the initial feelings to not being attracted to that person, people give a lot of reasons why they cheat (whether justified or not). Statistics show that the rate of cheating globally is at an all-time high.

The consequences of cheating are not felt by the person performing directly, but by the person being cheated on. In any relationship, be it marriage or a casual dating relationship, suspecting or developing the feelings that one is being cheated on can be detrimental to one’s psychological health.  One starts to over think, have sleepless and in most cases, lonely nights, develop negative feelings, develop trust issues, etc.

Nobody enjoys being cheated on or even developing the feelings of being cheated on. The feelings alone can create an emotional turmoil within any individual and can leave one unstable and unbalanced. The only way to fight against this developing feeling of instability and fear is to find out the truth.

 How? You may ask!

Well, you can decide to investigate and observe on your own. Some of the signs you should watch out for would include: a spouse leaving early and returning late, a change of habits, unexplained expenditures, holiday absences, secretive accounts, excessive overtime, scent of any person, unexplained items, coded text messages, less sex, evasiveness, defensiveness, obvious lies, prickliness, etc.

The best option though, would be to hire the services of a private investigator. This is not easy, however. Before you hire a private investigative service, you need to be sure of their ability to perform the task effectively and without creating any damages. You should also ask for recommendations from friends that may have used the services of a private investigator.

When it comes to nailing down a cheating spouse, gathering proof that would help with divorce, and performing the process without fuss, there is no firm better than us.

International Cheating Spouse

We are a private investigative firm that offers well-constructed and discreet investigations. We conduct the best cheating spouse surveillance you would find anywhere around you. Our work as a private investigating firm is to help you find this truth, and ensure you are 100% sure before making any decision.

We offer you professional, discreet investigation into the activities of your spouse, and feed you with information on what happened or what happens while you are not around. We also help you catch a cheating spouse by harnessing the full power of open source digital information and its ever-expanding methods, sources, and wealth of valuable data.

We would provide you with a discreet investigation, and copies of videos and photos collected during the investigation, after. You can also use our findings in your divorce case. You’d never have to worry about your secrets, though, as they are safe with us.

Our services are not limited to cheating spouse surveillance, though. We also run investigative services on issues such as divorce, custody, due diligence, corporate investigations, counterintelligence, criminal defense investigations, stakeouts, family surveillance, family law investigations, domestic surveillance, background checks, missing people, locating people, finding hidden assets, employment screening, accident reconstruction, stalking investigations, online dating background checks, identity theft investigations, and fraud investigations.

International Cheating Spouse

–    Experienced Agents:

Our staff consists of the most experienced and professionally trained individuals that include seasoned private detectives, former police detectives, former federal agents, and veteran private investigators. Every member of our team has mastered his or her craft due to years of performing them and is devoted to helping you.

When you employ our private investigative services, we will assign your task to the agent(s) we are sure can handle it, who would then proceed to privately perform surveillance, and deliver the results directly to you. Our staff do not leave loose ends and cover their tracks effectively. You’d be glad you chose us.

–    We get the job done:

Our success rate is unmatched in this industry. Every client we have worked with can attest to the fact we are efficient and effective in all our dealings. Down the years, we’ve been able to resolve thousands of cases and investigations, building a reputation as one of the best investigative firms in all of Egypt.

–    Court Admissible:

Every report we provide you after investigations can be used at court during a divorce case. The evidence our expert staff would provide (videos, photos, or written reports) would be court admissible and help in any trial. Our agents can also testify in court if need be.

–    Discretion:

We always protect your privacy. One of our longest standing policies is giving every copy of the evidence we gather (whether it is videos, pictures, or written reports) during our investigation processes directly to our clients. This policy ensures that your activities and secrets are only exchanged between you and us.

We give you everything at the end of every investigative process and do not store anything. We give you every photo, every video, every written and printed document, every storage device, everything. If you find out that any of the evidence were leaked to the internet or the press, you should blame your spouse and not us.

What are you waiting for? If you want to catch a cheating spouse, and put an end to all the speculation and uncertainties, feel free to contact us today!