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Shadow Company Investigations only provides State Licensed & Insured Private Investigators in Alabama.  Shadow Company Investigations strictly adheres to all 50 States Board of Private Investigator Examiner Statutes, Rules, and Regulations, The Mission Statement of Shadow Company Investigations is to represent the Private Investigations Industry as a whole to be the most upstanding, ethical, and living beyond reproach above any other industry.

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For clients needing expert Private Investigator & Detective Services we provide all types of Private Investigation Cases known. We offer Surveillance, Background Checks, Workers Compensation Surveillance, Child Custody, Cheating Spouse Infidelity Surveillance, Employee Theft Surveillance, Covert Surveillance, Fraud Investigator, Insurance Investigator, Pre-Marital Background Checks & Surveillance, Matrimonial Investigations, International Private Investigator Services, Pre-Employment Screening Services,

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Illinois Private Investigator & Detectives we employ are a special breed of investigators. To work down south requires a tough attitude and someone who knows the lay out and can speak the language.

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Have you ever had a long day at work but just kept reminding yourself that there’s someone whose arms you can jump into once you get past your door? It’s quite an excellent and relaxing feeling and something everyone wishes to experience sometimes. But this is not always the case. There are days you feel your spouse is up to something, and you just cannot lay on your hands on it. You have probably confronted them and gotten no real positive reply or result. What do you do?

According to statistics, it’s been confirmed that when a spouse has a feeling their partner is maritally unfaithful, 80 -90% of the time, this is true. That is only a statistical fact and not the case with every relationship out there. But how do you know your once loving spouse has not turned his/her back on your relationship? How can you be sure you can still get home and jump into their arms?

You see, the worst part about the instinctual feeling of cheating in a relationship is not knowing? You must have thought “I may be wrong, it could be a workday issue…” or “something must be troubling him/her, and they haven’t found a way to tell me…”. It could be those, or it could be that your spouse is actually with someone else.

Marital Surveillance

Do you have a feeling your spouse is cheating? According to statistics, you are likely correct. But statistics are merely researched data, and your marriage isn’t a research subject. So how do you know for certain if your spouse falls into the 80% or if they are true to their vows? A professional detective can help you do this and more. With proof about your spouses’ faithfulness, you can know the right steps to take. After all, you have a right to know. The problem of marital infidelity is not the easiest one to solve. Marriage vows are meant to be kept and usually mean nothing if broken. Being caught up in a situation like marital-unfaithfulness is not one of the best, as it carries enormous consequences. From loss of marriage, to child custody and even kidnapping at worse, the list goes on. Imagine always bumping into someone you can’t trust or finding it hard to believe; their smiles will mean nothing, their jokes like insults and you’ll likely disdain their presence because you feel what was there isn’t anymore. We get this, and we would love to help you find answers and place your feelings right.

A private Investigator who is discreet and professional, with an experience handling similar cases and a track record of success to prove that, is exactly whom you need. Such a private investigator knows when to go under the radar and when to reappear to reduce any chance of suspicion by the subject. They possess an eye for details and observe the most subtle changes in an issue – thus knowing when to act. Our private investigators possess those qualities. From solving numerous cheating spouse and relationship investigation cases, we can provide excellent Marital surveillance services to suspecting spouse who needs to get a clear proof that their partners are not cheating on them. While this may not be the best job description, it’s what we do, and we can help you get proof, toward determining your next steps. Do you fall into the category of suspecting spouses? Do you need proof that you can trust your partner? A private investigator can help you get those proofs with no suspicion on their part.

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