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Africa Private Investigator Services provide Surveillance and Investigation Services in cities of cover Khartoum, Kinshasa, Windhoek, Lagos, Cairo, DR Congo, Luanda, Nairobi, Mogadishu, Abidjan, Alexandria, Giza, Luxor, South Africa, Johannesburg 

Africa Private Investigator Services


 Expert Investigations

Our private investigation services open to countries in Africa

We provide a range of private investigator services in countries within Africa to meet your needs.

  • Background Checks: background check reports need to be comprehensive and true to the letter. Our private investigators help you uncover specific details and information on individuals or even organizations. Our background checks are tailored to meet your exact needs/requirement – that is, we provide you even the most minute detail. We can provide you with info such as lawsuits, relatives, bankrupt filing, property ownership, U.C.C filing, Driving records, and others.

Our private investigator background check services are available as

Our corporate investigation service is available for any organizational issue you may have. The following is an exhaustive list of what we offer.


  • Counter Intelligence: this is a sensitive part of our job as private investigators. While being expert investigators help us uncover hidden secrets (or in other cases, items), we are also well-versed with the rudiments of counterintelligence. Protecting yourself and corporation against espionage in a technologically driven world is not the easiest of tasks. However, with a multilayered security level and counterintelligence techniques, you can keep your sensitive information out of arms reach (or anyone who tries to get to them without authorization).

Our counterintelligence service includes the following:

Other services we provide include child custody investigations, parental kidnapping, marital (cheating spouse) surveillance, fraud investigations, identity theft investigations, stalker investigations, divorce, criminal defense investigations, hidden items investigation, and missing persons.

More on our services

Whether you reside in the western parts of Africa or the diversely populated regions of South Africa, or even on the island of Madagascar, the flood of activities and natural life are no excuse for the services of a professional private investigator.

A private investigator can be the difference between winning your child custody case or losing it. A private investigator can also impact your level of victory in a child custody case or how sufficient your evidence is in the case of a fraud allegation.

Private investigation takes the responsibility of searching for answers off your neck and places it on the shoulder of a person who is guaranteed to deliver excellent results.

How do you make a win in a case such as a Marital Surveillance or a Cheating spouse without getting yourself involved at an inopportune time? How do you carefully gather evidence about Fraud involvement without creating suspicion around the subject? Where do you run to when you need help finding a missing person or even their last whereabouts without the limitations of law enforcement agencies?

Those and more are questions that can be answered via action by a private investigator. Almost no one likes to create a scene about how they are getting a divorce and need enough evidence to back their decision. No one wants to have their child taken away from them either, in the name of “parental kidnapping.” But these things can be sorted out discreetly by the services of a private investigator and even more.

Whatever you need a private investigation for, from reports to answers and even pieces of evidence about a particular matter, we’ve got you covered. A private investigation can provide the peace of mind you need by giving you the answers/evidence you previously did not have and may not have gotten on your own.

 What makes us different?

Excellence makes us different. We are experts at what we do and deliver a service you’d love.

What makes us so sure?

Private investigation is one of the fields that require discreetness and thorough carefulness to understand a cover story (where there is one) and discover the real truth behind something. To achieve this, an investigator needs to have specific skills and expertise. From surveillance to accurate intuition and information gathering, our investigators possess skills enough intangible skills to ensure you obtain tangible results.

As a private investigation agency, we assign your cases to smart investigators who are experts in a field (say you need a Marital Surveillance carried out, we assign your case to an investigator with an excellent track record handling marital cases) who take into account everything you have to say and work with this info to give a pleasing result.

Our goal as a private investigation company is not limited by the bothers of your country. We have investigators situated in different regions in Africa whom you can reach and get your issues attended to professionally and with ease.

How we operate

As with every private investigation company, we work with a series of steps and on-field procedures that gets the job done. Depending on the sensitivity of your task, our investigators keep you up to date on the developments involved with your case and ask further questions where clarity is essential.

We understand you need everything to be done, under the hood (after all, that’s why you need us). If there’s anything we hold in high regard, it is your safety and complete secrecy of your case.

If you’re checking us out, then you likely have a case you need to get handled by a private investigator. Reach out to us, and let’s work together in helping you find those answers.

African Private Investigator free consultation

To speak to a professionally trained & licensed Africa Private Investigator about your case please call us at (314) 293-5370, Email us at, or reach us at our Free Consultation Form. We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Holidays, and will return all phone calls back within 5 minutes. Africa Private Investigators are professionally licensed, trained, and Insured and abide by all local laws and statutes. 

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